Ecolab, Inc.
Markets specialty cleaning products and services with an extensive line of solid warewashing, housekeeping and laundry products. Additionally, they offer pest elimination services for the hospitality industry.
California Bug Hounds, Inc.
We specialize in bringing you Peace of Mind. Although incidences of bed bugs have risen 500% over the past couple of years, the task of locating the pests has proven increasingly difficult. \"Man\'s best friend\" has come to the rescue yet again! According to a study done by the University of Florida, it was found that canines are 97.5% accurate in finding bed bugs. California Bug Hounds bed bug scent detection canines undergo the most rigorous and extensive training available for bed bug scent detection and have been NESDCA and FALCO certified.
Sierra Ozone Solutions
Lotus Pro chemical-free cleaning system turns tap water into Aqueous Ozone on-the-spot with a continous flow to fill spray bottles, mop buckets, carpet extractors, & auto scrubbers. 50% stronger than chlorine bleach. Cleans, deodorizes, sanitizes & disinfects naturally.