Bed Bug Eradication

California Bug Hounds, Inc.

We specialize in bringing you Peace of Mind. Although incidences of bed bugs have risen 500% over the past couple of years, the task of locating the pests has proven increasingly difficult. \"Man\'s best friend\" has come to the rescue yet again! According to a study done by the University of Florida, it was found that canines are 97.5% accurate in finding bed bugs. California Bug Hounds bed bug scent detection canines undergo the most rigorous and extensive training available for bed bug scent detection and have been NESDCA and FALCO certified.

Convectex Bed Bug Heaters

Convectex Bed Bug Heat Systems is America’s top Distributor of Professional DIY Hotel Bed Bug Heat Equipment and Training. Lock Your Bed Bug Budgets today!

Top Dog Pest Control

We offer canine detection and heat treatment. Our methods are all non-toxic and safe for use around your guests. Heat treatment service includes: canine detection, interior heat, crack & crevice treatment: steam and HEPA vacuum, 30 day warranty. Quality work - Professional Staff - Discreet Service. State License #PR 6184 Workers Comp Insured.

Bed Bug Private Investigators

Bed Bug Private Investigators offers discreet, fast, and accurate bed bug detection in your business or home. Bed bugs are here and spreading through California rapidly. We understand the need for peace of mind that your rooms are bug-free, and when (not if) the bugs find you, we can provide you with a specific list of problem areas to help keep your extermination costs under control.

Bed Bug Heat Detector

The top bed bug removal system will eliminate bed bugs, including eggs, using green technology. Rooms ready in 24 hours. We offer best pricing.


An Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program implements proactive measures to discourage pests from infesting your property by limiting access to their basic necessities – food, water and shelter. Our A.I.M. approach to IPM relies on preventive methods to assess pest pressures, implement a custom, science-based pest control strategy and monitor specific pest activity in order to help keep pests from checking in.