Advertising / Marketing

Sunset Magazine/Lane Publishing Co.

The premier western travel magazine read by upscale, travel-oriented Wester ners. Circulation is 1.4 million in the 13 Western States. Editorial cove rs travel and recreation, food and entertaining, home and garden.

Milestone Internet Marketing, Inc.

Milestone Internet Marketing, Inc. offers a complete suite of Internet marketing services for the travel industry. We specialize in Website design, Website promotions, booking engines, e-mail marketing, and travel sites for hotels, bed and breakfasts, resorts, lodges, and inns.

Certified Folder Display Service, Inc.

Company description: Providing Free staff-serviced visitor information display racks and new multi-lingual touchscreen ExploreBoards to thousands of lodging properties throughout California.

Courtesy Checks, Inc.

The CCI concept is to pay for part of your print and broadcast advertising with unsold rooms or tickets through the medium of a \"Courtesy Check.\" By trading empty rooms or tickets at your current prices for advertising time and space at competitive media rates, the CCI system allows you to buy ad campaigns at a fraction of what they could cost, if purchased with cash. In a CCI campaign, YOU WILL PAY NO CASH FEES, either to the media or to CCI, CCI RECEIVES ITS FEE FROM THE MEDIA. There are no complicated transactions or paper work for your front desk or ticket office to keep track of.

Free Hotel Coupons reaches travelers at critical points in their travel planning stages. From discovery, researching, decision making and purchasing. We reach guests looking for a place to spend the night.


“Leonardo is a technology company serving the global hospitality industry. We provide hospitality professionals at Hotels, B&Bs, Vacation Rental Properties, Management Companies, Hotel Chains and Travel Websites with technology solutions that improve the way they present their properties online to travel shoppers.”

Universal Points, Inc.

Universal Points is a turnkey rewards platform for independent hotels that offers guests 5% cash back. It drives direct bookings and attracts more business travelers.

Resort Inventory Group


The traditional advertising agency model is broken. Churn and burn, in one door and out the other, many people have become frustrated with the current state of the industry, feeling distrustful, neglected and burned.


We know how to reach your customers - at the right time, in the right places, and in the way that’s going to make cash registers ring.


Podium is an Interaction Management platform that makes it simple for hoteliers to conveniently connect with guests and their team.

Citadel FM

Founded from decades of digital advertising experience, Citadel FM was created to amplify the retail customer’s experience and to expand the medium of digital out of home advertising into audio.